Our Products

We only supply the highest quality products, many with branded names so that our clients have a good range to choose from meeting both economic and personal preferences. The market is continually researched to find new and complementary options for our clients.

Our goal is to provide a range of products that are:

We use only natural raw materials that are replenished annually and do not harm the environment in any way.
Only natural raw materials are used in our product range.
All products must be recyclable or with the ability to be used in other ways but again, not damaging the local or global environment in an way.

Our Products

Royal Stable Wood shavings

Wood Shavings

Wood shavings are produced from 100% forest sustainable sources and come in many different varieties such as small flake, large flake, thick and thin flakes and sawdust. All products are dust extracted to the maximum possible level and contain no unapproved recycled materials.

Royal Stable Wood fibre

Wood Fibre

These products are ideal for equine, chicken and poultry uses and make very cosy bedding for all.

Royal Stable wood pellets

Wood Pellets

Produced from 100% Forestry Sustainable sources of virgin wood, our wood pellets are highly absorbent and a fantastic gold colour that sets off any horse box. Also perfect for Cat Litter.

Royal stable chopped straw

Chopped Straw

Rape Straw and Wheat Straw Bedding make very competitive products and have the added advantage of being able to be composted down very quickly on the garden or farm. Highly absorbent and easy to muck out gives a very good alternative to wood shavings.

royal stable shredding


We are in a unique position to be able to also offer shredded virgin paper, again, from sustainable sources as an alternative to wood and straw based bedding. This is also available in 5mm paper pellets for Cat Litter.

Royal stable egg boxes

Egg Boxes

Now available, chopped virgin egg boxes making perfect bedding for the smaller animals and game birds. Extremely absorbent and very easy to clean out. .

Royal Stable cardboard


Brand new product for equine, game birds, small animals, poultry and dogs. Our cardboard bedding is made from virgin cardboard so have no additives in the form of tape, staples string. Very competitive with high performance and ease of use.



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